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Reformation New Wicker Chairs Occasional Living Room Chair

reformation wicker chairsThis is the best selling chair amongst all available wicker chairs on our recommended retailer site. It has been selling like hot cakes since April 2010 with absolutely NO negative reviews whatsoever. Over 75% of all the people who set eyes on this fantastic wicker chair will actually become a buyer. Let’s take a look at the product description first:

  • Dimensions: D24” X H28” X W 24”
  • Stackable Chairs
  • Boxed Weight: 20Kg
  • Natural Colour
  • Cane/wicker construction

We have a really good feel about these wicker chairs especially if someone is looking for a chair for their conservatory. At the time of writing it is available at a massive 41% discount for only £49.99 at Amazon.co.uk

Willow Weaving Rattan Chair Brown

willow weaving wicker chairsWicker chairs – This is the second best selling wicker chair currently available.  It has a darker shade than the previous chair. This product has been available since October 2009 and has been selling really well with NO negative reviews. Just over 51% all viewers become buyers.

The product description:

  • Willow weaving chair
  • Dark brown colour
  • Hand finished
  • Dimensions: 61cm X 64cm x 80cm(Height)

If you are browsing wicker chairs and you like the darker colour than this might be the product for you. It is currently available for only £48.

Willow Weaving Rattan Golden Childs Chair

goden childs wicker chairsWicker Chairs reviews continue wit the product on the left. This item has been selling well since February 2010. It has NO negative review at all, and we also found some really positive reviews. Let’s see what the manufacturer says first:

  • Willow Weaving Rattan
  • Childs Chair
  • Hand Finished In Italy
  • Durable
  • Hardwearing

We have found a mum who bought this item and was really happy with it. She has bought it for her 18 months old baby and according to her this wicker chair is the perfect size for him. So she is a happy customer and as we mentioned there are no negative comments about this product. It is currently available for only £29.95 and it is usually dispatched within just a few days of a purchase.

Rattan/Wicker Chairs For Children

childs rattan-wicker chairsThis is another child size chair that has been selling really well with NO negative reviews. It has been available since February 2010. It priced so it is affordable by most people. At the time of writing it is available from £29.95. According to the manufacturer, this product is a:

  • Childs Chair
  • Hand Finished In Italy
  • Occasional furniture
  • Durable
  • Hardwearing

Overall we have a good feel about this item. If you are browsing all available wicker chairs because you are looking for something for you kid, then chair can be a really good buy.

Wicker Chairs Conservatory furniture KINGSTON

kingston wicker chairsThis is a really outstanding piece of chair and as you can see it is completely different to other wicker chairs you have seen before. It has been available since July 2008 with a few positive reviews and no negative ones. It has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards; it has been hand crafted using banana leaves which have been woven around solid mahogany frame. The cushion is removable, reversible and an amazing 7.5 inch thick. Let’s take a look at the product description first:

  • Designer sofa
  • Hand-crafted
  • Solid Mahogany Frame
  • Woven Banana leaves (abaka)
  • Removable and reversible cushions
  • 7.5 Inch thick extra dense cushions
  • Dimensions: H75cm x W97cm x D85cm
  • Boxed Weight: 116Kg

We found a gentleman who purchased one of these wicker chairs and a coffee table. He says that it looks a lot better in real life. He describes how happy he was with the chair when he opened the package that it did not need any assembly at all as these aren’t flat pack wicker chairs. Overall he was very happy both with the product and the price.

Overall we feel that this can be a good buy, but we are worried that some people will find these wicker chairs too expensive. However you have to keep in mind that this isn’t an average chair. At the time of writing this item is available for £238.00 from our recommended retailer. As it is a pretty bulky item it usually gets despatched within a few weeks, not days.

Reformation Wicker Chairs Conservatory Chair With Footrest

reformation wicker chairs with footstoolThe wicker chair on the left comes with its own footrest which makes this chair one of the most comfortable wicker chairs around. Affectively this is an armchair that will add a really homey look to your conservatory. It has been selling well since august 2010 and our extensive research has not found any Negative reviews. Let’s see what the manufacturer says about this huge wicker armchair:

  • Colour: Natural
  • Made with Cane
  • Item Weight: 5 Kg
  • Contemporary design
  • Traditional shape
  • Matching footstool

It is really a great design and the price isn’t really that expensive for what you get. Affectively this is comfort itself with the footstool. At the time of writing this is available for £199.99.

Quattro Verona Natural Wicker Chairs

quattro verona wicker chairsThis is a really elegant wicker chair from a company called Cadix. This isn’t just a simple chair, as it has a contemporary design. It has been selling well since May 2010 and our search uncovered NO negative reviews. Let’s take a few moments to how the manufacturer describes their product:

  • All weather wicker
  • UV and frost protected.
  • For gardens deckings, balconies, patios and conservatories.
  • Dimensions:  H88cm X W67cm X
  • Cream Cushion

If you are looking for a modern design that will give you a more elegant look than the original wicker chairs design than this might be a good product to go for. At the time of writing it is available for £219 which might sound a lot, but if that is the design you are after than you might want to take a look.

Quattro Black Wicker Chairs Livorno by Cadix

black wicker chairsThis outstanding design is breaking away from the traditional wicker chairs both in its colour and its contemporary design. It is made of an all weather proof wicker that is also UV and frost protected. It can be great for your patio, conservatory as well as you dining room or lounge. This product has been selling well since April 2010 and it has not received any negative reviews. Let’s see what the manufacturer says about these wicker chairs:

  • All weather wicker
  • UV and frost protected.
  • Contemporary design
  • Ideal for garden, balcony, patio or decking, dining room or lounge.
  • Dimensions: H96cm X W63cm X
  • Supplied with cream cushion

If you like the design than you will be interested to know that at the time of writing it is available for £179.00 so you might want to read more about it from our recommended wicker chairs retailer.

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Wicker Chairs Introduction

Wicker chairs can be a fantastic addition to our garden, patio, conservatory furniture as well as our lounge and even our bedroom. More and more people are searching for wicker furniture online, not just wicker chairs but also, storage boxes, baskets, shelves and tables and even beds for their bedroom.

The potential of this material is absolutely outstanding, as it has been proved many times over the centuries.

Let’s travel back in time and see where this fantastic material comes from and how/why our ancestors started using wicker for our furniture.

Originally wicker was made of materials of plant origin and it is still the most popular way to get this material. It is then woven to form a rigid material which is then used to create furniture or baskets. Nowadays plastic fibre is also used to create the rigid workable material. This is more likely to be used for products in commercial environment especially supermarkets to hold products.

Materials used can be any part of a plant, cane, rattan, reed and bamboo.

If the wicker product is furniture such as with wicker chairs in most cases the frame is built up using solid material such as wood and then the wicker is used to fill in the frame. Wicker is light but strong which makes it ideal for furniture for patios and porches. They are also very attractive which is why it is more and more popular to manufacture more sophisticated furniture using wicker. Wicker chairs are just one example.

Mankind have been using wicker for 1000′s of years. It has been documented far back to the ancient Egypt, and wicker baskets were found in various locations all around the world dating back 1000′s of years. Antique wicker products are very expensive and often bought up by fanatic collectors.

The purpose of our wicker chairs website is to give you a general introduction to what the possibilities are with wicker as well as to introduce the best selling wicker chairs from the biggest online suppliers. We usually review the best selling highest rated 15-20 products in one category and we also take a few that people should avoid buying mainly due to bad quality or weak design.

We also point you to the right direction if you do not wish to read wicker chairs reviews at all, by pointing you to our recommended merchant website where you can see more then 100 different wicker chairs so we are really confident that you will like what you see. You can also find more information about wicker in general on google and wikipedia.

The choices are excellent as you will find yourself, and the prices can be in many cases surprisingly affordable. We hope you find our website useful for your research. We will over time include as many reviews as we can as well as other type of resources too to help you out.

To help you even more we will also continue to search for related wicker chair materials such as videos, maybe to help you maintain your new furniture so you can enjoy it hopefully for years to come.

Here is one video that will show you a few tricks about how to keep your new furniture in good shape.

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